Vendor Information

The Hightstown Harvest Fair is held every October and hosts over 200 vendors, services, food and fun!  This event celebrates our local business, artists and culture. We are always looking for new and unique artists and vendors to participate, so if you haven’t joined us before, this is the year! 

Check back, Vendor Registration is opening soon!

Main Street Business

  • You are welcome to setup in the space in front of your business.
  • We encourage all to take part in our biggest event of the year!
  • Please complete registration so we know you are participating.

Food Vendors

  • Food Trucks, Popcorn, Food Samples, Beverages, Packaged Foods, BBQ, Baked Goods.
  • Selling or offering samples of ANY Food or beverage,  add Temporary Food License +$35
  • COOKING with OPEN FLAME (wood bbq, propane, charcoal grill), add Fire Permit & Temporary Food License +$77

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